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Mind Body Spirit


North Portland Martial Arts is a self defense and fitness center where you can learn the art of fighting in a safe and supportive environment. We welcome all shapes and sizes, and all levels of ability. Our training program focuses on the 3 main pillars of fighting: striking (boxing and kickboxing), clinching, and ground fighting. A typical class might include rounds on the heavy bag, boxing pad work, clinching and ground fighting drills, sparring and much more. Whether you’re an out of shape beginner or a conditioned fighter we will work with you and help you achieve your goals. We are a small family owned business in North Portland, Oregon. We offer martial arts and self defense classes for kids, teens and adults.

Workout Facility

At North Portland Martial Arts we blend the old with the new. We pay respect to the martial arts that came before us while evolving our own distinct styles to blend with the times. Our primary goal is to use martial arts to become better humans.

Our Methods


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Our kids program emphasizes building strength, balance and coordination. Kids learn boxing combinations, kicks, ways to communicate, focus, and how to set and reach goals. Ages are 5 and up.


Teen classes focus on kickboxing, building self confidence and awareness, as well as sparring and fitness conditioning.


Our adult classes are designed around the 3 pillars of a well rounded fighter: Striking, clinching, and ground fighting. Classes include sparring and strength conditioning. All levels welcome. Woman's-only class available once a week. 


Sparring class is where everything comes together. It facilitates a fun and safe place where we can pressure test our techniques and ability. All levels are welcome.


Hit Us Up Anytime


Text: 971-312-4236 

Location: 728 North Alberta Street, 
Portland, OR 97217



If you want to come to a free trial class, check the schedule and give us a call.



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